XINDA Professional Rock Climbing 8-Shape Abseiling Device 45KN Descender Belay Rappelling Rescue Descender Outdoor Descent Kit-red

Product Description
Free Shipping by USPS within 7-14 Days Delivery Brand: XINDA (Chinese name: Hinda) Number:XD-8601 Name:"8"Ring Rally: 45KN (about 4500 kg) Material: aluminum-magnesium alloy forging Size: Length: 7.5cm Width: 14.6cm Color: Red Weight: 120g Applicable rope diameter: 8-13mm Scope: Outdoor downhill mountain climbing caving expand fire and rescue protection, high-altitude operations engineering Material Forging magnesium alloy with high strength, light weight, portable and convenient. Larry flag Rally flag bearing ring character is 45KN (approximately equal to 4500 kilograms) of force. principle Character principle is to use the friction ring ropes and fall between the slowing decline Speed or braking, the decline is more commonly used. Small ring When using folded rope through the large ring around the small ring, small ring as a belt and Between connections.

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