XINDA Professional Outdoor Rock Climbing Universal Wheel Fixing Device Rotary Connector Anti Knotted Rotary Runner-ORANGE+GREY

Product Description
Free Shipping by USPS within 7-14 Days Delivery XINDA Escalada 10M XINDA Professional Rock Climbing Rope 6mm Diameter 7KN High Strength Equipment Cord Safety Rope Survival Rope Brand: XINDA (Chinese name: Hinda) Number:XD-Q96029 Name:Caster Rally: 30KN (about 3000 kg) Material: aluminum-magnesium alloy forging Size: Length: 5.5cm Width: 10.8cm Color: as shown Weight: 140g Authenticate:EN354:2002 EN365:2005 Scope: Climbing high-altitude operations engineering to expand the fire and rescue protection caving downhill Aviation Material Forging magnesium alloy with high strength, light weight, portable and convenient. Mark Wheels hot forging aluminum-magnesium alloy, pulling force 30KN. Hanging points Hang the whole point of the triangle, when the suspension force more evenly. pulley Caster bearing internal use, can rotate 360 degrees.

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