XINDA Professional Outdoor Rock Climbing 25KN Tension Safety Lock Supervivencia Rope D-Shape Lock Carabiner Rock Survival Kit-yellow

Product Description
Free Shipping by USPS within 7-14 Days Delivery Brand: XINDA (Chinese name: Hinda) Number:XD-Q9638 Name:Tactical wear rope main lock Rally: Portrait 25KN (about 2500 kg) Lateral 8KN (about 800 kg) Material: aluminum-magnesium alloy forging Size: Length: 5.7cm Width: 10.5cm Opening: 2.3cm Color: Yellow Weight: 64g Certification:CE1019 Scope: Climbing protection expand fire and rescue protection caving downhill altitude operations engineering, etc. Material Forging magnesium alloy with high strength, light weight, portable and convenient. pulley Master key to the top pulley to solve old problems rope drag, especially in big wall climbing or Cracks rescue when you can both pulleys and locks, reducing the rope with locking Frictional resistance, easy and convenient. Mark Breaking load identification: the major axis 25KN (about 2500 kg to withstand a force) minor 8KN (approximately withstand 800 kg force) to unlock 8KN (about 800 Kg of force) Slip design Nuts with non-slip design, smoother operation when using the touch lock, easy to slip, Safe and reliable. shape Asymmetric seat belt buckle locked safe, determines that it is easy to connect, make the connection after And protection tools have been fixed in a good position on the major axis of the force, and can withstand 2,500 kg of impact.

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