Xinda outdoor horn downhill of eight descending ring aerial eight ring line fall protection of rock climbing equipment-blue

Product Description
Free Shipping by USPS within 7-14 Days Delivery Brand: XINDA (Chinese name: Hinda) Number:XD-8602 Name:Horn Ring Character tension: 50KN (about 5000 kg) Material: aluminum-magnesium alloy forging Size: Length: 17cm Width: 17cm Color: blue Weight: 240g Applicable rope diameter: 8-13mm Scope: outdoor climbing rock climbing expand Fire Rescue caving downhill altitude operations engineering protection Material Forging magnesium alloy with high strength, light weight, portable and convenient. Larry flag p Horn ring bearing character is 50KN (approximately equal to 5000 kilograms) of force Ox horn The horn function is mainly used in downhill or aerial work process, to achieve a After the expected point, the rope around the horns in order to achieve the effect of endurance, easy to operate. Central After passing through the ring ropes connected to the main lock, slow down when tying perimeter should state, stagnant state Tense tying can be more around a few times. Small ring When using a rope through the macrocycle is folded in around the small ring, small ring as a belt and Between connections.

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