XINDA Outdoor Climbing Fast Roped Down Protective Strap Bandlet XD-D9309 2m Blue

Product Description
*1. The load bearing loop selects stainless steel material, strong bearing capacity and durable
*2. Sewed up by delicate machine, high strength and strong tension
*3. The buckle selects metal material, you can adjust it based on your need
*1. The bandlet should be tied up by tape, and you should check the self made bandlet before using it
*2. Make sure bandlet won't be warp when using it, you'd better connect the fixed supporting point with 2 bandlets for safe
*3. Check the bandlet length if it is suitable for other device, tie a knot if it is too long
*4. Carry the bandlet on your shoulder or other places, but make sure it won't interfere with the shoulder girdle
Package Content
1x Bandlet

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