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Product Description

Multi Outools Wheel Spoke Light gives you a safer and more cool cycling on the road:


* Intellectual dual core CPU chip ensures timely image changes responding to the cycling speed
* High quality waterproof shell and anti-shock pad plus make it possible for long-time usage
* Powered by 18650 rechargeable environmentally friendly lithium battery whose working time goes up to more than 10 hours after being fully charged.
* This hot wheel comes with some defaulted images; You can also DIY images under instructions
* Suitable for wheels 26" and larger
* Much safer and cool on the road when you are cycling at night with this wheel light on
* Perfect gift & present for family members, friends, lovers, boys, and girls to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, New Years' Eve etc.

Installation Tips:

1. Open the battery box and install the 18650 battery correctly. Be careful about the positions of the negative pole and positive pole.
2. Connect the battery box with the hot wheel, tighten the screw, and then turn on the switch to see whether the light flicker normally.
3. Separate the battery box with the hot wheel after it was confirmed with normal fuction, and fix it to the axle with the tie ropes.
4. Fix the hot wheels' two ends to the bike spokes with tie ropes.
5. Install the sensor. Take attention: the distance between sensor and the sensor point on the hot wheel should be within 1cm.

Package Included:

1 x Bike Wheel Light
1 x 18650 Battery
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Battery Box
1 x Sensor
1 x USB Download Cable
A few x Tie Ropes
1 x Manual
1 x Package Box

Come and pick up one or two to decorate your bike wheels, you will surely enjoy cycling much more!