VAS 82" X 36" Aluminum Coated Interior Thermal Emergency Tube Tent Kit - 100' Blaze Orange 550 Paracord & 8 Glow int the Dark 10" Steel Tent Stakes w Handy Bag

Product Description
VAS Emergency Tube Tent: Aluminum Coated Interior Insulates Body Heat for Extra Warmth, Dimension : 82" X 36", Non-Woven Material with Aluminium Coating on Interior, Orange Color, Includes 23 Ft(7 Meters) of Rope, 4 Pc 9" Zinc Platted Carbon Steel Tent Pegs, Can be used as a Shelter, Ground Cover , Emergency Blanket Etc.

Glow in the Dark 10" Steel Tent Pegs:Glow-in-the-Dark Stopper, Length: 10-1/2ö, Steel Peg, Plastic Glow in the Dark Stopper,ò Pointed End with VAS Handy Organization Bag

Blaze Orange 550 Paracord: Hundred of uses, 7 Strands, Bundled Dimension: 9" x 2-1/2" x 2", Usable Cord Size: 100 ft x 5/32" Dia., Working Load: 220 LBS, Breaking Point : 660 LBS, Orange. Great for Hiking, Camping, Hanging, Pulling, Outdoor Activities

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