Climbing Harness,Safe Seat Belt,Mountaineering Outward Band Fire Rescue Caving Rock Climbing Rappelling, Women Man Child Half Body Guide Harness

Product Description
A. High-strength polyester
Products using high-strength polyester yarn, the material weighing high, wear resistance
B. Abdominal connection ring
The belly-connecting ring acts as a safety point in front of the seat belt
C. Rear junction
The rear connection is made of forged metal and is used to connect the length of the cable or shoulder strap
D. Equipment ring
The side of the seat belt to add three equipment ring settings, easy to pick and place equipment (Note: can not be used when the focus)
E. Waist multiplication ring
The side of the seat belt take advantage of the rescue operation can be in the safety of the buckle on the buckle connected to the waist on both sides of the multiplication of the ring, do level fixed around the level of protection
F. Adjust the buckle
Adjustment buckle with forging metal, can adjust the elastic weaving
G. Fabric
Waist and legs inside the use of breathable perforated foam fabric, the use of comfortable
H. Sewing
Seat belt using multiple sewing process, fine alignment uniform, highlighting the quality of detail

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